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Changing overlay colors in OBS
Changing overlay colors in OBS
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By using filters in SLOBS/OBS you can apply a colour correction and adjust the hue to get very interesting results.

So here's a quick overview on how to access and apply a colour correction filter!

Adding a Filter:

We'll start off with right-clicking the source and choosing "Filters".

In the new window that pops up, click the "+" button to start adding a new filter then select "Colour Correction".

As you can see there's also other filters that you can experiment with here.

Filter Settings:

Now you can edit the color correction with various sliders to tweak the look!
What you usually want to focus on is "hue-shift" which changes the colors around differently based on what their original value is.

Changing contrast and saturation is going to be used for packages the most, but in some cases where you want to increase the brightness and contrast, lowering the gamma can be useful to balance out it looking "washed out".

If you want to start over changing the filter settings, the "defaults" button will reset the filter to not have any difference from the original source.

Once you're done, simply close the window, or remove the filter if you change your mind using the "-" button.

To apply the exact same filter to other elements:

right-click first source -> copy filters -> right-click new source -> paste filters

Conclusion & more usecases:

Using a filter like this is especially useful for packages such as Archetype
or System Override which are both monochromes.
And can be applied to a browser/widget source as well to adjust your alerts and such as well!

Shown here just going one way for the hue of Archetype

By lowering the contrast a lot you can invert the dark and light elements to create a dark version of an otherwise light package!
From there you could adjust gamma, brightness and increase the saturation

The same image from Archetype with additional filter settings changed

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