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How To Sync Your Previous Orders
How To Sync Your Previous Orders
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Recently we transitioned to a brand new and improved store! Nothing has changed in the process of checking out but what has changed is how you access your previous orders and your account.

When you visit our website and had a previous account you may notice that you are unable to do the following

  • Sign in

  • Successfully do a password reset

  • View any previous orders

As a note, we've added some new ways that you can sign into our store. If you want to be able to access your previous orders make sure that you sign up with the email you used in the orders.

We are unable to sync your orders if you sign in with Twitch, Facebook, YouTube, or Google if the email is not the same as the one used on your order.

Once you've created your account and verified it. Simply head to "My Account" on the top right of the store

Once in the, my account screen head to your "Orders" tab

You should see the following message towards the bottom of the page:

Simply click "Sync Past Orders" keeping in mind that this process could take some time to complete.

Once your orders have synced head to the "Downloads" tab

From here you should be able to see all of your downloads and how many you have remaining:

Download your files by simply clicking on the buttons: "Source Files", "Animated" etc.

Now you know how to sync your past orders on our site! If you require any extra support you can email our team at [email protected]

You can also select the chat widget at the bottom right to speak live to one of our team members during our business hours.

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