I've Reached My Download limit
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I've reached my download limit what do I do?

If you've reached your download limit not to worry! We can always add extra downloads onto your order if you need it, if you've reached your limit just naturally overtime simply open a ticket on our website:

Here is how to open a ticket:

Simply click the widget on the bottom right:

Your widget may look a little different compared to my widget, click "Send us a message"

Provide some basic information so we can keep in contact and find your order as easy as possible

Simply fill out basic information such as:

"Hello there, I tried to download my purchase from the site and I have no downloads remaining can you add some more?"

We'll get you a reply within 48 hours and the solution should be more downloads!!

If you have reached your download limit due to error messages when downloading for example. You download the package and the files are corrupt.

^Repeat the steps above and kindly let us know that you're receiving error messages with screenshots, a video, or gif of the error and we can diagnose the issue and work on a solution.

Now you're a pro at using our chat window if you require any extra support you can simply just choose the relevant option for you when opening a ticket :D!

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