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Stream Package Setup Instructions:

If you'd like to skip all the boring reading and get a more in-depth walkthrough of the setup be sure to check out the video we made over on Loom!

Widget: Custom Fields (Streamlabs)

  1. You'll first need to choose which Widget Theme you would like to use these alerts with within your Streamlabs dashboard.

2. Once You've installed the One-Click Setup, you should be brought automatically to the "Event List" page, if not here's how you get there. Head to "All Widgets" Then click on "Event list"

3. Custom Fields is where we have programmed all of your control so that you can customize your Hyper Meter exactly how you want it for your stream. We include a lot of options in here, so much we couldn't fit it all in a Single Screenshot. As a note, if you do not see all of these options when you first import simply begin at step one and re-import and it should work then this is an issue I had as well.

4. Be sure to Save Settings in order to ensure your changes are completely locked in.

Widget: Custom Fields (StreamElements)

1. First, you'll need to click on the link that is relevant to you.

2. Once you have opened up one of the links the Hype Meter will import into StreamElements and create a new overlay for you.

3. To edit the Hyper Meter click the "Edit" button and click "Custom Widget 1" Then go to "Settings".

4. From here you can navigate to all of the different settings/options we provide, the GIF above currently shows the setup for twitch so the wording may look different depending on your platform.

5. Once done editing, be sure to Save Settings in order to ensure your changes are completely locked in.

Product Colors:

  • Dark gray - #302A35

  • Teal - #36DC9D

  • Red - #F90826

  • Light Blue - #41F3FB

  • Light - #FAFBFB

  • Purple - #D13FF9

  • Goldenrod - #FBC531

Product Font(s):

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