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Obsidian Bits Pack Readme
Obsidian Bits Pack Readme
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StreamElements Walkthrough Video:

Streamlabs Walkthrough Video:

How to setup your bits in Streamlabs:

  1. First, be sure to sign into your Streamlabs account. In your dashboard you will need to navigate to the Widgets and select the Alert Box button.

2. Scroll down and locate the General Settings and select the Bits tab

3. Scroll down and Open Alert Variations to reveal your bits and select the Edit button on the first bit in order to change the media to your new bits.

4. Now drag and drop your bit WEBM files into this Media Gallery.

5. Once finished, click Save and then Save Settings

Bit WEBMs included:

• 10

• 100

• 1000

• 5000

• 10000

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