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Cold War Stream Package Readme
Cold War Stream Package Readme
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Stream Package Setup Instructions:

Alerts: Custom Fields (Streamlabs)

  1. You'll first need to choose which Widget Theme you would like to use these alerts with within your Streamlabs dashboard.

2. Navigate to the Alerts settings where each separate alert's settings can be customized (Follows, Subscribers, etc..) in order to customize your alerts with the Custom Fields. (see below)

3. Custom Fields is where we have programmed all of your control so that you can customize your alerts exactly how you want them for your stream. Enjoy playing with the effects to conjure your own magical spell for your alerts!

4. Be sure to Save Settings in order to ensure your changes are completely locked in.

Using .overlays within Streamlabs:

1. Firstly lets start by finding our .overlay file in the path > One-Click Setup > Streamlabs.

2. Head into SLOBS and navigate to your settings > Scene collections > import.

3. Find where you placed your package files and select the .overlay. SLOBS then start to import the overlay file.

4. When the overlay file is imported scroll down on the "Scenes" tab and go to "Edit Socials Here" to select your social media icons & change the usernames that go with them.

5. Once you have chosen what social media icons you want and change their usernames head to another scene and check out the awesome social media your setup.

(You may notice the font doesn't appear like it didn't on my screen, just double check that you have the fonts installed and restart SLOBS/re-import the .overlay and it should work as you can see in the screenshot below)

6. Final call is to ensure your package settings are as optimized as they can be for you and your stream > Right-click a source > Head to Properties and select "Close file when inactive"

(Unfortunately, when importing the .overlay files some settings don't save fully. So you'll want to go over each animated source and right-click them > Properties and enable the following option)

Install and import OBS Scene Collection:

1. Start by finding our .zip installer in the path > One-Click Setup > OBS: Drag Visuals_by_Impulse folder to C

2. Be sure to Extract all to the C:\ on your hard drive.

3. Launch OBS and navigate to the Scene Collection tab and select Import

4. Within the Scene Collection Importer, select the Add button

5. Navigate to the Cold_War_Animated.json from within the newly extracted Visuals_by_Impulse directory under Stream Packages>Cold War Animated Stream Package>Standard Edition

6. Now that you have successfully imported your Scene Collection, make sure you switch to your new Cold War Animated Scene Collection within the menu

7. In order to add your camera source navigate to the Camera Scene and set the properties for your camera input within the Camera source

8. In order to add your gameplay source navigate to the Display Capture / Game Capture Scene and set the properties within the Display Source

9. In order to customize your socials, navigate to the Edit Social Media Here Scene and change the text for these layers in the properties.

10. Within the Icons folders in this scene you can select and deselect the icons you want to represent your socials by toggling on/off the eyeball icon for visibility

11. If you'd like to swap transitions, in the Scene Transitions menu, toggle down to select one of the transitions. Otherwise, see our blog on setting up the Transition Matrix in order to include a unique transition that is scene dependent.

Alerts: Custom Fields (StreamElements)

1. First, you'll need to click on the link that is relevant to you.

2. Once you have opened up one of the links the alerts will import into StreamElements and create a new overlay for you,

3. To edit the alerts click the "Edit" button and head to one of your alert settings. (In this article I'll be using the follower alert)

4. From here navigate to "Fields" here you can customize your alert text to be exactly how you want them for your stream including conjuring up your very own magical spell style with the particle controls.

5. Be sure to Save Settings in order to ensure your changes are completely locked in.

Product Colors:

  • Feta: #dfdfd1

  • Black: #010000

  • Lima: #70d22a

  • Red: #b21f2b

  • Mongoose: #b99f7e

  • Quill gray: #d7d6d2

  • Deep Fir: #0c2703

Product Font(s):

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