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Arrival Stinger Transition Template Readme
Arrival Stinger Transition Template Readme
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Product Specific Instructions:

  • This template requires Adobe After Effects 17 or newer and no additional third-party plugins are needed.

Getting Started with our After Effects templates

  1. First you will need to locate the After Effects project inside of the downloaded folder.

2. Once the project is loaded navigate to the Project panel and open the TRANSITION composition.

3. In the timeline, highlight the Transition Settings layer and then navigate to the Effects Controls panel.

4. Here you can set your colors and settings for your transition.

5. Import your logo into the project and navigate to the YOUR LOGO composition.

6. Drag your logo into the YOUR LOGO composition and toggle the layer to Transform>Scale where you can adjust the logo to fit.

7. Turn off the logo placeholder layer or remove it.

8. If you would like to RAM Preview your transition now, either hit the spacebar or the NUM 0 key to preview the transition.

9. In order to Export your completed video, navigate to the File menu and select Export and then Add to Render Queue - File > Export > Add to Render Queue.

Now you can either render within After Effects or select to render with Adobe Media Encoder. Select the Output to and tell After Effects where you would like to render your media. In order to render within Adobe Media Encoder select the Queue in AME button. If you would like to render directly within After Effects simply click the Render button.

Product Inputs:

  • Primary Color Input

  • Secondary Color Input

  • Logo Edge: On/Off

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