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Hallowstream Stream Package Readme
Hallowstream Stream Package Readme
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Stream Package Setup Instructions:

Using .overlays within Streamlabs:

1. Firstly let's start by finding our .overlay file in the path > One-Click Setup > Streamlabs.

2. Head into SLOBS and navigate to your settings > Scene collections > import.

3. Find where you placed your package files and select the .overlay. SLOBS then start to import the overlay file.

Unfortunately, when importing the .overlay files some settings don't save fully. So you'll want to go over each animated source and right-click them > Properties and enable the following option

6. Final call is to ensure you package settings are as optimized as they can be for you and your stream > Right-click a source > Head to Properties and select "Close file when inactive"

Product Colors:

  • Crayon Orange: #ef6719

  • Haiti: #1b0939

  • Ebony: #0d0822

  • Yellow Sea: #ffad00

  • Pompadour: #691845

  • Sweet Corn: #fbde74

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