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Rise Up Trailer & Intro Templates Readme
Rise Up Trailer & Intro Templates Readme
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Product Specific Instructions:

  • This template requires Adobe After Effects and the project is backward compatible to version 15.1.2 and no additional third-party plugins needed.

  • Featuring a 30 second trailer and a 10 second intro.

Getting Started with our After Effects templates

  1. First you will need to locate the After Effects project that you would like to start with. The :30 Fullform or the :10 Shortform. Both are located in the "Template" directory with an .aep file extension.

2. Our templates are backward compatible with version as low as 15.1.2. However if you have a more recent or latest version of After Effects you'll receive a notice that the project will need to be converted in order to be opened properly. Click "OK"

3. Once the project is opened you will want to locate the Essential Graphics Panel. If this window is not already opened and visible, please navigate to the Window menu and select Essential Graphics Panel from the dropdown.

4. You will want to make sure you are working within the main composition. In your Project panel, please ensure you are within the Trailer & Intro Template. If you are unsure, double-click this composition to open it within the timeline panel.

You will now see this composition is open within the timeline panel.

5. In the Essential Graphics Panel you can begin to change the text. The Text placeholders are labeled according to the order in which they appear in the composition.

In order to change the text field, simply click on the placeholder text and it will allow you to change the text to what you want.

While you are customizing your text fields you may need additional control in order to achieve what you are going for. In this case, click the "Edit Properties" button to the right of the text field that you need further control of.

Here you will see that you can check additional controls in order to activate new controllers that will appear in the Essentials Graphics Panel.

6. Now you can also change the colors for the corresponding solid, background, and text layers within the composition.

7. You can also change the opacity of the supporting graphics and elements throughout the composition. If you would like to remove the layer, please set the opacity to 0 and if you want it to be fully visible set the value of the opacity to 100. You may also find that an in-between value works best within your experimentation.

8. Onto media placeholders. These are pre-compositions that live within the main composition and act as containers for your images and/or video layers. Please locate these placeholders within the Placeholders bin within the Project panel.

Once you have opened a Placeholder you will notice a composition opens with an image layer inside that shows "ADD MEDIA HERE"

Drag your media from within your bin into the timeline and make sure it appears above this layer. You can even turn this "Add media here" layer off by toggling the eyeball switch. There is no need to toggle off if you are certain your media stays on top of this layer however.

9. The Logo Placeholder contains the VBI logo as a placeholder. Please drag your logo into this layer and delete or disable the VBI logo so it will no longer appear.

10. The Music Placeholder contains the included VBI Soundtrack which you have the rights to use with your composition however if you would like to swap it out for new music, this is where you can bring your music in and turn off or delete the included track.

11. Please remember there is also a short version which also includes a music track and it has different placeholders. Enjoy!

12. In order to Export your completed video, navigate to the File menu and select Export and then Add to Render Queue - File > Export > Add to Render Queue.

Now you can either render within After Effects or select to render with Adobe Media Encoder. Select the Output to and tell After Effects where you would like to render your media.

In order to render within Adobe Media Encoder select the Queue in AME button.

If you would like to render directly within After Effects simply click the Render button.

Product Font

Product Colors

  • Racing Green: #0c1716

  • Inch Worm: #9ffa55

  • White: #ffffff

  • Loblolly: #b8b8b8

  • Charade: #3d3f43

  • Storm Dust: #5f6364

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