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Counting Crowns Readme
Counting Crowns Readme
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Win Counter Setup Instructions:

  • Setting up Win Counter in OBS (This will work similarly with SLOBS and XSplit)

  • Setup Stream Deck Icons

First off lets get familar with the Hotkeys that you'll be needing to make everything function: (Keeping in mind that you can easily hotkey these buttons inside of your Stream Deck too, we'll go over how to that later in the article)

Hot Keys

• +1 Win: Ctrl + Shift + 1
• -1 Win: Ctrl + Shift + 2
• Reset: Ctrl + Shift + 3

Counting Crowns Walkthrough

Here's what the files look like when you first check them out

(Be sure to unzip and place the files somewhere as a permanent home)

Let's start by heading to the "AutoHotKey" folder running the .exe file if there this is what allows the Hot Keys to function using software called "AutoHotKey"

If you get the following Popup don't worry, we promise the software is 100% safe for your PC and won't cause any harm. Go ahead and click "More Info" and select "Run Anyway"

From here you'll be able to view the .exe running inside of your System Tray

Adding Everything Into your Streaming Software:

(For the purpose of this article we'll be using OBS Studio however, the process is the same across SLOBS & OBSLive. NOTE: XSplit does not allow you to keybind sources to restart/replay meaning it is not compatible)

The Widget is made of 3 Layers

Win Count - Text source reading the win.txt file

Win Animation - Animation that plays on each victory

Loop - Background loop for the widget

(We also grouped all the layers to make sure everything is safe and in the same position)

1. Now that we know what the sources are let's go over adding them, you'll want to start by adding a new source and adding a "Text (GDI+)" and label it "Win Count" and be sure to select "Read from file". We also selected the font "Teko Medium" there is a download for it at the bottom of the article.

Next, we're going to click "Browse" and find the text file labeled "Counting Crowns.txt" and hit "Open"

Once added go ahead and press the keybind Ctrl + Shift + 1 and let's see if the counter updates if it doesn't try reading the .txt file or repeating the steps listed above. If it works press Ctrl + Shift + 3 and reset it back to 0.

As you can see both my sources are working and updating:

2. Now let's move forward to adding in the actual animation sources. We're going to want to either drag and drop the following files inside of the Designs folder into your OBS sources or you can add them by adding a new source > Media Source and browsing for the files.

Once added in please ensure that you have the following settings for each of the animated sources selected. You can get here by right-clicking the sources and going to properties.

For the "Crown.webm" source you'll want to use the following settings the only difference is you'll want to select "loop"

When everything is done an added in hold Ctrl and left-click the three sources > Right-click and select "Group Selected Items" and label the group something that is memorable or easy for you to understand what it is.

3. Now we're going to want to simply drag the text sources we added into their places if you head back to where you changed the font and use "Luckiest Guy size 72" you'll be able to fit it into the right side perfectly. (You're welcome to change it to look how you want it)

To get the best result let’s also use these settings for your .txt files at the bottom part of their properties.

Here is a new screenshot of what our Widget folder looks like

Now that's all set up let’s jump to OBS Settings > Hotkeys and set the Win Animation Restart Hotkey to Ctrl + Shift + 1

Note: You may need to close the .exe file that is running in your system tray to set up the keybinds again you'll want to open it up again right after so they continue to work though

Now you just need to run the “CountingCrowns.exe” script and you’re ready to go, you can use the commands Ctrl + Shift + 1 to add Wins, Ctrl + Shift + 2 to remove a win and Ctrl + Shift + 3 to reset the counter.

We also provided some icons in case you want to get extra fancy with your Stream Deck.

Stream Deck Icons:

You can configure your actions and personalize keys with custom icons. Use 72 x 72 pixels .jpg or .png files to achieve best results. You can also use animated GIFs.

Click here to access the Elgato Quick Start Guide.

Installing your Stream Deck Icons and creating Button Hot Keys:

To change the icon:

  1. Highlight the Action or Key you want to change

  2. Locate the Default icon on the bottom left corner of the screen

  3. Click on the down arrow on the top corner of the icon and select "Set from File"

  4. Find the Icons we provide and select it and click "Open"


  1. Once you're inside your Stream Deck software head to "System" on the right side and drag over a "Hotkey" click on "Hotkey" and press the keybind for the icon you're looking to setup.

I've used the blank background for the keybind to remove a win on the chance you accidentally add too many.

Here is what the Reset keybind looks too

Now relax, load up Fall Guys, go live. Catch some W's in slime climb on stream and show those viewers how good you really are.

Default Product Colors:

  • Deep Sky: #07bafc

  • Wild Strawberry: #f82f9c

  • Schoolbus Yellow: #ffd800

  • Turbo Yellow: #ffe900

  • White: #ffffff

  • Energy Yellow: #f8d84e

  • Celeste: #9ffefe

  • Jaguar: #2b2b2b

  • Screamin Green: #7ef974

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