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Cyber Animated Event List - Readme
Cyber Animated Event List - Readme
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Note: Cyber Animated Event List is one of our most lightweight designs - with a cloud first approach. You'll notice that there is no actual downloadable files in this package! Strange right? The Streamlabs link will hold all the cloud files needed to import into your stream via the instructions below. Your overlay/event list will be imported into any OBS program as a Browser Source.

Streamlabs Setup

  1. In the files that you downloaded, open the folder labelled "Streamlabs One Click Setups".

  2. Make sure you're logged into your account on Streamlabs.

  3. Double click on the corresponding overlay or alert style you'd like to add to your stream.

  4. Click "Create a new theme", name it Cyber Animated Event List, then click "Use" once it's created.

  5. Once you've clicked/opened the .URL file - the Streamlabs website will open and inform you that the file import was successful towards the top of the site.

Customizing colors with Custom Fields

Want to fine tune the colors of the overlay/alerts? Within the widget settings page, scroll towards the bottom until you see a tab called "Custom Fields". Click on this to reveal a variety of color customization options. Feel free to tweak these to your channel's color scheme! 🎨

Product Colors:

  • Green: #055021

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