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Custom Fields Inside StreamElements
Custom Fields Inside StreamElements
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In this article, we'll go over how to use Custom Fields that comes inside our One-Click Setups for StreamElements.

I'll be using the Plasma Stream Package as an example today but the custom fields will always be in the same place

When you download one of our packages if it has a One-Click Setup included you will be looking for the following folder:

Here you'll find options for both Streamlabs & StreamElements but we're going to focus on StreamElements in this article. For Streamlabs check out - How to: Use Custom Fields in Streamlabs

Once you have imported the One-Click Setup it will create a new overlay inside your "My Overlays" tab.

Click on "Edit" to start going into the options for your alert box. Your screen should look something like this

Click on "Alertbox 1" > Settings > Then select the cogwheel for the alerts that you would like to edit (Gif Below shows going into edit the follower alert)

Scroll down on the left until you see options similar to these under the "Fields" tab

In here you can edit the colors of the alerts, the variation & the title text (If your package has these options every packages options may be different)

Once you have changed the options that you want to be changed simply head to the top right and click "Save"

Now you can add everything to your stream! Copy the overlay URL and add it as a browser source

More information on how to add the alerts into your Streaming Software can be found on our "StreamElements - One-Click Setup" article

Now you're a pro at using our Custom Fields inside StreamElements if you require any extra support you can email our team at [email protected]

You can also select the chat widget at the bottom right to speak live to one of our team members during our business hours.

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