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Custom Fields Inside Streamlabs
Custom Fields Inside Streamlabs
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After purchasing one of our premade designs and making use of our swift One-Click Setups for your alerts you may notice that they are the incorrect color! This article will show you where you'll need to go inside Streamlabs in order to change this.

If you've found yourself here trying to figure out how to use the One-Click Setup please checkout our article on "How to use One-Click Setups"

Lets get started, once you've imported your One-Click Setup head to one of the following tabs for, followers, subs or donations etc. Scroll down until you met the custom code section and click on "Custom Fields", if you're package comes with these options you'll likely be able to customze both text & colors in here.

(Screenshot below shows Talon II)

For Talon II you'll be able to change things such as the color of the actual alert

You can also change the text that shows up on the alerts so if your stream is in a different language you can simply ensure that you're alerts match.

An example of an alert box with a little bit more customization required would be the "Edge Stream Package"

In the readme that comes along with the Edge Package we include preset options for the hue values and the color #'s for the title/amount colors

If the package you purchased is advertised with customization options with the alerts or if your alerts come in the wrong color. You'll want to checkout the custom fields options you have.

Now you're a pro at using Custom Fields inside Streamlabs if you require any extra support you can email our team at [email protected]

You can also select the chat widget at the bottom right to speak live to one of our team members during our business hours.

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