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How to: Streamlabels with StreamElements
How to: Streamlabels with StreamElements
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In this article we'll become pros in using Streamlabels with StreamElements.

Streamlabels have a lot of functions for showing off recent events on your stream such as recent subscribers, followers or even that all time top donator can get a special spot on the screen.

1. First lets start by creating a new blank overlay and naming it. Once you've done this be sure to select "Add Widget"

2. Once you have selected "Add Widget" a menu will popup with a ton of different options, for this article we'll be focusing on the "Labels" section.

3. When you have added the label of your choice you will get a ton of options the first is to add text in front of the label/name such as the screenshot below.

4. You can also edit/change the labels height and width so that it will fit perfectly in those tight overlays.

5. The final options that are available are for the text colors, font or even scrolling text for those extra long labels & names.

When you're done adding some basic labels to your stream you can two options, you can add your overlay with just the labels into your stream and attempt to fit them into an overlay, or you can actually add the overlay into the same source and have it all in one. 

1. First off lets start by adding the overlay/image that we want to use for this, I'm using the animated event panel that comes with the Riptide Stream Package. To add the file simply add a new widget and go to "Static/Custom" and select the option that's relevant to you, image for static files and video for animated files.

2. Now that we have our file in lets add a new Streamlabel the same way we showed above

3. Once you've added the label that you want go ahead and add them to a group by selecting one of the layers and clicking the folder and simply dragging the remaining layers into the folder

4. When you're done adding overlays & streamlabels hit save on the top right and lets add it to your stream

5. When you have successfully saved go back to your overlays page and click "Preview" on your new labels overlay.

6. Copy the link at the top of the page and lets add it into OBS as a Browser Source

7. To add a browser source click the "+" to add a new source and select the "Browser Source" 

Paste the link in the "URL" section inside of OBS and click "Ok"

If you notice the source is bigger in comparison to the overlay size simply mes with the width and height to get it just right. Then apply a scale filter if you want to scale it up to be bigger with as little quality loss as possible. 

You can do this by right clicking the source > Scale filtering > I use bicubic as it as the least amount of quality loss that I have noticed so far.

Now you're a pro at using Streamlabels inside StreamElements if you require any extra support you can email our team at [email protected]

You can also select the chat widget at the bottom right to speak live to one of our team members during our business hours.

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