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Stream Package Setup Instructions:

  1. Once you have installed your alerts, navigate to the separate Alerts settings, Follows, Subscribers, etc.. In order to customize your alerts with the Custom Fields.

2. Select which color you'd like your alerts to be. Red, or Blue.

Product Colors:

  • White: #ffffff

  • Red: #c80238

  • Blue: #0553a9

  • Gold: #fa910b

Product Font(s):

Stinger Transition Instructions:

Stinger Transition Settings:

Transition Type: Time (Milliseconds)

  • Sword Transition: 950 ms

  • Intro Transition Scene: 8900 ms

Intro Scene Setup Instructions:

  1. Set up the intro stinger transition just like any other, but as a separate stinger to the global one and be sure to name it something you will recognize.

2. Goto "connections", and add a new connection.

3. Set the transition to come from the Intro Scene, using your newly created transition. Set the Ending Scene to all (this way it transitions to all scenes with that transition when coming from the intro scene)

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