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StreamElements - One-Click Setups
StreamElements - One-Click Setups
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In this article we will be going over how to use & install the One-Click Setups we provide with our premade packages for StreamElements

We'll be using the Spellbreaker Stream Package which is a StreamElements verified package.

Once you have downloaded your package and placed it into a folder of your choice, you will be meet with a few different folders/options.

Head to One-Click Setups > StreamElements

From here double click the link that is relevant to you. We include different links for each platform, for this article we'll be using Twitch

Once StreamElements opens it will automatically create a new overlay for you which will include your alerts & any custom options that come with them. 

Next we'll want to ensure that the alerts look the way you want and expected them to look, lets head to the "edit" page.

Once you're on the edit page click "AlertBox 1" and click on the cog wheel for which ever alert you wish to edit. For this article we will be using the "Follower" alert

In here you'll be able to edit the alert color, type & which variation you want to use (Spellbreaker comes with multiple alert variations)

To get the exact colors you want you will need to play around and change some of the hue sliders & filters, the exact numbers are provided in the readme file which comes along with the package. (Screenshot below shows Spellbreakers)

Now that you've got what you're looking for lets add the alerts into your streaming software, for this article we'll be using OBS Studio

On the top right of your overlay editor there is a button to copy the browser source link select this 

Head over to your streaming software and add a browser source, in OBS Studio you'll want to select the "+" under sources and select browser source

Once added you will need to replace the "URL" of the browser source with the one that you copied via the StreamElements website

Note that every alert box & browser source can be different sizes they are defaulted to 800x600 but some alerts require the browser source to be 1920x1080.

Once added you can head back to the editor inside StreamElements and start testing your alerts you'll want to hit the "Emulate" button at the bottom and ensure you have "Preview on stream" selected

Now you're a pro at using our One-Click Setups inside StreamElements if you require any extra support you can email our team at [email protected]

You can also select the chat widget at the bottom right to speak live to one of our team members during our business hours.

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