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Breaking News Transition - Readme
Breaking News Transition - Readme
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Integrated Editor

You'll now notice that the Breaking News bumper includes a local integrated editor. In the "Breaking News" directory, open the Editor.html

Populate these fields and "Save Settings" in order to generate the new properties json file that you will overwrite over your previous properties.json from the main directory in order to update the on-screen titles. 

Video setup guide

Our most recent update has a built in editor so you no longer have to go into the json file, instead just use the editor to generate the properties json. Everything else in this video still applies.

Stinger Transition Instructions:

Product Colors:

  • Blue:
    - #82a0e7
    - #101a69
    - #2067a1

  • Red:
    - #82103c
    - #aa0000

  • White: #ffffff

Product Font(s):

Stinger Transition Settings:

Transition Type: Time (Milliseconds)

  • Transition Points: 2000

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