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System - Going Live Readme
System - Going Live Readme

The best way to alert your social media followers when your stream is online.

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What's the point?

When scrolling through Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, nothing catches your followers' attention more than a blast of color! Using these "going live" looping animations, you can draw attention to those infamous going live posts.

Don't forget that the contents of your message is just as important as the video. Tackling a new challenge in game? Mention it! Raising money for a charity? Don't leave that out either.

With a historically low click rate, going live messages need all the love they can get. Use VBI's free animations to help drive your call to actions over on to your stream.

Savvy with Photoshop?

We include the design files in this package. Look for the editable .PSD file within the .zip. You can modify colors, text and even the platform logo.

Colors used

  • Mixer: #1EB5FB

  • Twitch: #8E39C8

  • YouTube: #C50C0B

  • Facebook: #1A55BB

  • DLive: #FDB200


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