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Product Types:

  • Animated Stream Package

  • Static Stream Package

  • Stinger Transition

Stream Package Setup Instructions:

  • Static Stream Packages do not include One-Click Setups or stinger transitions

Product Specific Instructions:

  • Static

  • Stinger Transitions are available as a separate purchase

With the hue sliders you are able to achieve any color on the spectrum that you desire. However if you would like to achieve any of the other showcased colors seen in our show page please reference the color settings below and apply to the Hue filter settings in OBS, Streamlabs, or Stream Elements:


  • Hue: 208

  • Saturation: 120

  • Brightness: 135


  • Hue: 0

  • Saturation: 100

  • Brightness: 100


  • Hue: 248

  • Saturation: 148

  • Brightness: 159

Product Colors:

  • Dark Blue: #110D33

  • Purple: #9F00FF

  • Red: #FF081D

  • Blue: #28A1FF

Product Font(s):

Stinger Transition Instructions:

Stinger Transition Settings:

Transition Type: Time (Milliseconds)

  • Purple Transition: 1000 ms

  • Blue Transition: 1000 ms

  • Orange Transition: 1000 ms

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