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Stream Design Factory - Adding Overlays
Stream Design Factory - Adding Overlays
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In this article, I'll explain how to add an Overlay Source into your Editor from the VBI Stream Design Factory.

Step #1

Click ADD SOURCE from the Stream Design Dashboard


Step #2

Select OVERLAY under Source Settings to adjust your Overlay Type (Static or Animated, if offered), The Social Slots, Labels and Label Icons. Some packages offer different Source Settings for Overlays.

Your changes will be reflected in the preview on the left.


Step #3

Click SAVE. You'll be directed to the editor, with your source added.

Your source will be added to the most recent scene you were on. Make sure you leave the Editor while previewing the scene you want to add the source to. If you add a source to the wrong scene, simply right click the source and COPY, then PASTE (Duplicate) to the preferred scene. Make sure you remove/delete the source from the other scene you accidentally added it to.​

Step #4

Adjust the source for optimal sizing. You can click any of the squares on the source to increase or decrease the size. Additionally, when holding ALT and clicking on a square, you can trim the source borders. ​

After trimming the border, I relocated the overlay closer to the top bar of the preview, maximizing space. You can note the change from 996px (above image) to the 1022px (below image). ​

​Feel free to drag the source around the preview for the exact placement you want. For example - the bottom of my Gameplay Scene.

​Your source has been added. You can edit your Overlay anytime in the Stream Design Factory MY SOURCE LIST dashboard.

Thanks for reading!

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