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Stream Design Factory- Adding Screens
Stream Design Factory- Adding Screens
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This article explains the process of adding multiple Screens, which requires you to add/edit each new screen separately. Before continuing, please be sure to have read our other articles covering Initial Source Settings, and Adding Sources to Editor.

As you experience the need for troubleshooting, please don't hesitate to contact us for support.

To get started, make sure your Editor is organized so you have multiple SCENES for each screen you wish to add.

Your Starting, BRB, Ending, and Intermission (if available) Screens will each need their own scene, as seen above.

Step #1

From the ADD SOURCE page of the Stream Design Factory App, select SCREENS. As you adjust each of the following, the preview on the left will reflect the changes you make in real time.

Step #2

Adjust your SCREEN TYPE (Static or, if offered, Animated).

Step #3

Adjust your SOCIAL SLOTS.

Step #4

Edit the TITLE.

Step #5

Edit the SUBTITLE.

Step #6

Click SAVE. You'll be brought immediately to the Editor, with the newly added SCREEN source. Edit the name of your source for easy recognition. Simply right-click on the source listed, and select Rename.

Step #7

From the editor, select the next Scene you wish to Add a Screen to. For example, we'll add a Be Right Back Screen to our Be Right Back Scene.

Step #8

Return to the Stream Design Factory App, and Add Source. Repeat Steps #1-8 until complete. Make sure you are editing the text appropriately to be specific to the Scene you want the sources added to.

We have a separate article on adding Intermission Screens, since they vary from other screens. Find out more info in our help article.

When done, you're Source List will include all the screens for editing in the future. 

That's it! Be sure to contact us if you have any further questions or run into any problems!

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