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Stream Design Factory - Intermission Screen
Stream Design Factory - Intermission Screen
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​An Intermission screen is a nice change in the presentation of your live stream when you are in between games, or just want to take a break without leaving the stream (for example, putting a be right back screen up.)

This article will explain how to add and customize your Intermission screen in the VBI Stream Design Factory app in Streamlabs.

Step #1

Make sure your Editor has an Intermission Scene added. Because Intermission screens include multiple slots for gameplay, webcam, and chat boxes, you'll need to make it a separate scene. Be sure to add all peripheral sources (webcam, microphone, game display, chat, etc.) Return to the Stream Design Factory app.

Step #2

Open the dashboard for the Stream Design Factory app, and select ADD SOURCE. You'll have the option of adding any of the available sources for the current package you have selected. INTERMISSION will be listed. Select it. A preview of the Intermission screen will be seen on the left.

Step #3

Adjust the settings of the Intermission screen. This will include social media handles, stream labels/events, and username. Some features of Intermission screens may be different in each package.


Step #4

Now it's time to add your source. Click SAVE at the bottom and the source will be added to the current scene you have in the Editor.

Step #5

Adjust the additional sources in the Editor. You'll need to resize your webcam and game capture/video capture (if using a capture card) sources to fit neatly behind the Intermission source. To do this, move the sources below the intermission source so they appear behind the intermission screen. ​

That's it, thanks for reading, and happy streaming!

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