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Stream Design Factory - Alert Settings
Stream Design Factory - Alert Settings
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Having a supportive community is a joy worth recognizing when streaming and live broadcasting. Celebrate your follows, subs, donations, and more with Visuals By Impulse alerts in each package.

This article will explain how to set up your alerts, which, once set, don't need to be adjusted unless you want.

Alert text font and color are not currently available. The Stream Design Factory will continued to be updated and developed, so be sure to keep up with all our updates in the VBI Discord.


How to Adjust Alert Settings


โ€‹1) Each type of event will have it's own settings to allow you to change the text and audio for the alert. You can choose whether or not the alert is ENABLED for each event.

2) Click on the event you want to adjust, make the changes you desire, and hit SAVE.

3) Then choose the next event, adjust, and hit SAVE.

4) Repeat for each event (make sure you SAVE) and you're good to go.

5) If you do not adjust these settings, they will keep the default settings.

Adding Alerts to your stream is covered in another article. We explain how to add Alerts to your stream in our Stream Design Factory- Adding Sources to Editor article.

Thanks for reading! Happy streaming!

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