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Stream Design Factory - Initial Source Settings
Stream Design Factory - Initial Source Settings
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When you first select a package from the Package Catalog, you'll need to click on the "Cogs" widget on the left hand dashboard to access Initial Source Settings.​

Here you will ADD SOCIAL for all your social media handles. The options for SOCIALS include:

  • Twitter

  • Facebook

  • Twitch

  • Discord

  • YouTube

  • Steam

  • Snapchat

  • Instagram

  • Team Speak

  • Star

  • Dollar

  • Heart​

Once you've assigned a SOCIAL ICON, adjust the USER NAME to what your handle is, then click SAVE. You'll now have the option to add as many SOCIAL ICONS as you want.

By adding these SOCIALs on this page, they will be saved and available for all Sources in the package you currently have selected. Some packages allow multiple SOCIALs, while some designs are more simplistic and do not.

You MUST have these settings saved before moving on to your SOURCE LISTING, as you will be unable to customize the various overlays, screens, etc. you have at your choice when adjusting source settings.

Once you've added and saved each SOCIAL, you'll have a list of all your socials...​​

That's it for now. You'll add these SOCIALs to your different overlays, webcams, screens, and intermission screens as you add Sources. We'll walk you through these steps in our Stream Design Factory- Adding Sources to Editor article.

Thanks for reading! Happy streaming!

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