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Stream Design Factory- Adding Sources to Editor
Stream Design Factory- Adding Sources to Editor
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With the Stream Design Factory by Visuals By Impulse you have two ways to add Sources to your Editor. This article will explain how to do both.

It is important to note - be sure to set up your Editor with the different Scenes prior to adding sources. 

Having a scene for Starting Soon, Be Right Back, Gameplay, Intermission, and Stream Ending will make it easier for you to organize your sources and transition from scene to scene without having the hassle of moving Sources around.

Since your Scenes may have different sources, it's important to organize them accordingly. For example- Your Starting Soon scene may not have your Audio Input Source (i.e. your microphone) as you may not want to capture your mic while you finish setting up your stream.

Conversely, you'll want to make sure your Gameplay and/or Intermission scenes have desktop audio, mic audio, and your game capture/capture card added to ensure your stream is ready to go live.

Method #1 - Adding Sources to Editor from the Stream Design Factory App

Once you have selected a package and set up your social media handles (Initial Source Settings,) and organized your scenes as explained above, you can begin adding sources. 

Click ADD SOURCE to be brought to your source list page.

You'll adjust and edit the source in the Stream Design Factory App, then once you save them, they will be added to the current scene in your Editor.

Depending on the package, you'll have different options for each Source. Adjust the social settings to your previously saved Initial Source Settings. Edit the TITLE and SUBTITLE, then click save. It will be added to the current scene in your EDITOR.

Be sure to leave your editor on the corresponding scene you want the source added to.

Adding SCREENS is a slightly more involved process, as you need to add a new Screen source for each scene you have. For a fuller explanation, please read our Adding Screens article.

You can continue to add additional sources (such as Webcam Frame, Alerts, and Overlays) to your preferred scenes, and each time you complete and save it, you'll be brought back to the Editor.

For specific on adding Overlays, Webcam Frames, and Alerts click the link for the respective article.

Method #2 - Adding Sources Directly from your Editor

Once you click on the + to add a source, a pop-up will appear, giving you options of sources you can add. Click on the Visuals By Impulse link to be asked to select a new source, or an existing one. 

Name your source appropriately (i.e. Overlay).

Click ADD NEW SOURCE (or ADD EXISTING SOURCE if you've already made one).

You'll be brought to the My Source List of the Stream Design Factory App.

All your previously-made sources will be listed. If you do not have any sources made, then it will be blank. 

Click on ADD SOURCE to create a new source. You'll be directed to the Sources available in the current package you have selected. Edit and adjust the source you wish to add. Click SAVE.

Your source will be added to the most recent Scene your Editor is on. Drag the source to place in the preferred location.

You're done! Repeat the previous steps to add all other sources.

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