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Stream Design Factory - Package Catalog
Stream Design Factory - Package Catalog
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Welcome to the Package Catalog the Stream Design Factory offers. 

On this page you'll have the option to browse the ever-expanding library of premium Visuals By Impulse packages to use and customize as a subscriber to the Stream Design Factory app.

The VBI team works tirelessly on creating fresh new designs to keep up with the fast-paced streaming community. Be sure to check out the new designs.

The designs you select in the Stream Design Factory app are only available in the app. Additionally, subscribing to the app does not give you access to the Offline Screen, Panels, Avatar, or Profile Art the full package offers, but can be purchased as a one-time sale in the VBI store.

Not all designs on the VBI store are available on the Stream Design Factory app.

In the library you'll find a wide range of designs including static, animated, simple, complex, and even game-themed designs to fit your look. Find the look that fits your brand and change your designs whenever you want, as long as you're a subscriber of the app.

Seamlessly switch between a static and animated design, a FPS-focused design, or a MOBA-inspired design as you stream day-to-day, and provide your viewers with a change of pace as you keep wrecking noobs, go full-screen with chat for your Just Chatting broadcasts, or finally smack that boss around in your level 50 dungeon.

The library will be updated weekly with a new design added each week, for no additional cost. Be sure to check back regularly to see what we new designs we are adding!

How to Select a Package

From the Package Catalog screen, click on any of the package widgets. This will bring you to the package description, which will provide a brief description, what is included in the package, and a preview of the design.

Read over the description and inventory to make sure the package is the best fit for you, then confirm your selection. You'll be brought back to the Package Catalog, but with your current package at the top as seen below.

You're now ready to add the sources from this package to your Editor. Be sure to check read our article on Adding Sources for more information.

Changing Packages

If you have already been using one package, but want to switch things up, here is the step-by-step process to easily change packages and get back to streaming without hassle.

1) In your Source List, the type sources you've added will be listed, along with the name of the package for that source.

The sources in the above picture will not have a package name listed unless you've previously added sources. Click the ADD SOURCE button to get started. The above image was taken while sources were being changed for the purpose of this article.

2) Changing packages will require you to adjust the Source List to reflect the change.

  • If you change from the Boost package to the Mad Shock package, confirm your package selection in the Package Catalog.

  • Go to Source List on the left hand navigation bar. This will list all the sources you've added to your Editor (or if a first time user, nothing will be there until you ADD SOURCE).

  • For first-time users, you will need to set up your Social Media settings before moving on. Click here for our article explaining this process.

  • Click the EDIT button to be brought to the Source Settings page, and click on the appropriate source to apply the new package graphics. Be sure to change the Source Settings (i.e. adjust Streamlabel events, social media handles, and other options the package has).

  • Hit SAVE. You'll be redirected to the Editor with the newly changed package graphics applied to your Editor. Please note- You'll want to make sure the Source added is in the appropriate Scene to see the change applied.

3) Follow the above steps for all current sources.

4) Quickly review each of your Scenes in the Editor to make sure all your Source changes have been applied.

That's it! Hopefully this article helps. Please leave a comment below or let us know if you need further help!

Thanks for reading! Happy streaming.

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