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Recently Streamlabs announced and released the App store - a one-stop-shop for all streaming needs. Visuals by Impulse, in collaboration with Streamlabs, saddled up and rode into the sunset with the release of the Stream Design Factory.

Please check out the official Streamlabs blog for our official announcement.

This article will explain how you can use the Stream Design Factory to enhance your content with VBI premium graphics.

What is the Stream Design Factory?

Easy to use, instant access to a wide range of premium stream graphics that are optimized for and ready-to-use in Streamlabs OBS. Simply select your package, customize your settings, add to the Editor, and be on your merry streaming way.

The Stream Design Factory was created for new and veteran streamers alike to have a all-in-one design platform to add new, premium graphics with a few clicks of the mouse. Each week we'll be adding new designs to the library, and with your monthly subscription ($4.99/mo) you'll have instant access to any of our graphics packages offered in the app.

With the Stream Design Factory, you'll have customization options and choices to make to take your stream to the next level. You can then add the sources right to your Streamlabs OBS Editor, and get back to streaming.

As the app continues to be developed and updated, we'll be adding more features such as transitions, font customization, and more. For live updates, around the clock support, and instant access to the staff working behind the scenes join the VBI discord and head to the #streamlabs-app-support channel to keep in touch with the team behind the app.​

Is the Stream Design Factory for me?

Ultimately you will need to decide, but allow Streamlabs to sweeten the deal for you. When you log into the Streamlabs OBS app store, you'll automatically get a free trial to try us out.

By subscribing to the VBI Stream Design Factory app, you'll have access to multiple design packages. If you are an experienced streamer then you know how limited you can be with only one graphics package. Maybe you are a variety streamer, and having one overlay doesn't exactly fit with the MOBA you stream, but it works with your FPS. With your subscription, you can browse the VBI library and switch your styles up when you switch your content up. Simply select a new package, adjust your settings, and BOOM, off you go into the stream with a fresh look.

If you are a new streamer, then you know it takes time to build a brand, and find a professional look that meets your goals as a content creator. Instead of being limited to one design, you can use the library in the Stream Design Factory to change things up, and find what works for you.

Things to Keep in Mind...

The packages offered in the Stream Design Factory do not include your channel page graphics, such as offline screen, panels, avatar, or profile art, as the graphics are only applicable in Streamlabs OBS streaming software.


The designs offered in the Stream Design Factory are for sale in the VBI store. Get the full package and use all the designs (including panels, offline screen, and more) in your preferred streaming software and platform. New packages are available regularly, as the VBI team is always on the grind.

We'll be adding features as they become available, so be on the lookout for more innovative features as the app's development continues.

Many of the packages included in the Stream Design Factory offer the choice between static and animated designs, so give yourself the look you want with a little bit of flair for the added punch.

Some packages include features that others don't (for example- some packages have Streamlabels events such as recent follower, sub, donator, etc or Intermission screens while other packages are more simplistic/minimalist in nature), so be sure to browse through all our packages to see which one fits your style and brand the best.

There are plenty more graphics package Visuals By Impulse offers, and not all of them are available in the app.

On behalf of the entire Visuals By Impulse staff, thank you for taking time to check out and/or subscribe to the Stream Design Factory.

We want your stream to look as professional as can be, match your brand's direction, and make streaming more about the content, and less about the behind the scenes, under the hood tasks required to have a high quality product.

For all your stream graphic needs, be sure to check out more from Visuals by Impulse

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