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Stream Design Factory - My Source List
Stream Design Factory - My Source List
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Each package offered in the Stream Design Factory includes sources to add to your stream. Sources and their tutorial links are as follows:

While this article explains the purpose of each source available, we do have an article explaining how to add each source to your Editor. Click the link below for a link to that article.


Screens are used to give your viewers a "status" such as Stream Starting, Be Right Back, and Stream Ending. Gameplay (screen with overlay and webcam and game/video capture) is used for your actual content. Intermissions will be covered further into this article.

It is important to set up your scenes PRIOR to adjusting SOURCE SETTINGS. This way, you can add the appropriate SCREEN to the appropriate Scene you've created in the Editor.

If you right click on the SOURCE (in this example- Be Right Back) and Rename the source, it will apply to the Editor AND in the SOURCE LIST of the Stream Design Factory, as seen below:

Here my SOURCE LIST reflects the Source Rename I did in the Editor.

Each screen source should be applied to separate scenes. For example- Your Starting Soon Screen source should be added to your Starting Soon scene in the Editor while BRB screen sources are added to your BRB scene in the Editor as seen below:

For further details on Adding Screens to Editor, click here for a link to our article.

You can change the SOCIAL SLOTS to your preset Social Media handles, which is done in your Initial Source Settings, which is covered in this article.


Overlays are designs that you can place over the top of your gameplay and content screens. Overlays typically include a top car, bottom bar, or both, but can vary depending on the preference of the content creator. Your overlay could include recent follows, subs, donations, or could highlight your social media handles.

The overlay source is added to your main gameplay/content scene in Editor.

You will need to set-up and adjust your Stream Labels for your overlay if you wish to share recent community interactions on your overlay. You can access Stream Labels via the Dashboard of Streamlabs (via the internet browser or inside the SLOBS app.

In the Stream Design Factory app, you can easily customize the Streamlabels in each source that offers label events, as they are built into the app. Some sources do not offer label events, but most do, so be sure to check your overlays, webcam frames, and screens in your package to ensure it offers events.

As you can see in the above image, my Gameplay scene (or Live Overlay) includes my top bar with social media handles, and streamlabels for follower, subs, and donations. This overlay comes from the Pixel Animated Package.

Webcam Frames

If you decide to use a webcam to reveal your face while creating content, a webcam frame is a great way to accentuate this feature of your content. The packages included in the Stream Design Factory offer both 16:9 and 4:3 webcam frames, and some of them even have animations.

Be sure to check your package and see what it has to offer. When setting up your webcam frame, remember to place the webcam source (Video Capture Device) behind the webcam frame source (Image source if static, media source if animated) so the webcam image fits neatly inside the frame.

You can see an example of a webcam frame in the above Overlay image.


Alerts are used to recognize your community's involvement in your stream. Using alerts will shout out new followers, subs, donations, cheers, hosts, and raids. Once one of these events is triggered (i.e. someone clicks the follow button, your alert will be activated, and appear on screen.

In the VBI Stream Design Factory app, Alert setting are adjusted separately in the Alert Settings page of the dashboard.

You can adjust each alert's sound and text. Once each of these alerts are adjusted and saved, you can add them to your Editor by ADD SOURCE page of the dashboard. 

Once added to your Editor, you can TEST WIDGETS to see the alert in action.

Select which alert you want tested, and the Source will automatically play. Adjust the placement of the alert, and get ready to celebrate your community!

Intermission Screens

Intermission screens are used to change the visual presentation of your live content when in between games, rounds, or simply taking a break to catch up to chat. Having two screens allows you to increase the size of your webcam, allowing you to be more of a focus, while also displaying your game and chat text.

This is a great interactive tool used by many streamers to keep their content fresh.

Click on the link at the beginning of the article for more information on Intermission Screens.

Thanks for reading!

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