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Stream Design Factory - Transitions
Stream Design Factory - Transitions
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Having a snazzy transition is a fantastic visual tool to keep your viewers' eyes glued to your content.

The Stream Design Factory app from Visuals By Impulse now supports the use of transitions.

This article will explain how to add and apply a transition to your SLOBS Editor using the app.

This article assumes you have already used the Stream Design Factory app, selected a package, and added your sources.

Step #1

Go to the dashboard (left hand side) of the Stream Design Factory app and select TRANSITIONS. ​

Here you can choose from any of the uploaded transitions the app offers (including different color options, if the transition is offered in other colors).

Transitions are not included in all packages, and are limited to the packages that do include them, HOWEVER, you can select any of the transitions VBI offers for use in your stream regardless of which package you are using for your designs.

Step #2

Select your transition. Once you select a Transition, you can click PLAY to test it, then make your decision and click ADD. ​


Step #3

Return to your EDITOR and select the cog icon to the left of your Sources list. ​

Your list of transitions will pop up. Please note I have multiple transitions added. You can delete transitions with the garbage can icon, or, if applicable, edit the length/speed of the transition by clicking on the pencil icon.​

Select the Transition you want to use and click DONE on the bottom.

Step #4

Now your Transition is done! Whenever you change scenes, your selected Transition will automatically play. ​


That's it! If you need any help or have any questions, be sure to use the in-app help chat, or visit our Discord!

Thanks for reading!

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