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Stream Package Setup Instructions:

Using .overlays within Streamlabs:

1. Firstly let's start by finding our .overlay file in the path > One-Click Setup > Streamlabs.

2. Head into SLOBS and navigate to your settings > Scene collections > import.

3. Find where you placed your package files and select the .overlay. SLOBS then start to import the overlay file.

4. When the overlay file is imported scroll down on the "Scenes" tab and go to "Edit Socials Media Here" to select your social media icons & change the usernames that go with them.

5. Once you have chosen what social media icons you want and changed their usernames head to another scene and check out the awesome social media you setup.

6. The final call is to ensure you package settings are as optimized as they can be for you and your stream > Right-click your animated sources > Head to Properties and select "Close file when inactive"

Alerts: Custom Fields (StreamElements)

You'll notice when you go to the StreamElements folder there is an option for Event Lists and Alerts the process is the same but we'll be using alerts as an example below

  1. First, you'll need to click on the link that is relevant to you.

2. Once you have opened up one of the links the alerts will import into StreamElements and create a new overlay for you.

3. To edit the alerts click the "Edit" button and head to one your alert settings. (In this article I'll be showing the follower alert)

4. From here navigate to "Fields" in here you can customize your alerts to be exactly how you want them for your stream with changing the alert text & colors.

5. Be sure to Save Settings in order to ensure your changes are completely locked in.

Product Specific Instructions:

  • Available in 8 color variations. Stream Packaged Colors are sold separately. Stinger Transitions include all 8 colors.

Product Colors:

  • Blues:
    - #111D37
    - #0A184B
    - #097BF1

  • Oranges:
    - #2D0A0A
    - #ED8509

  • Purples
    - #2A104D
    - #23193F

  • Teal: #29E1AB

  • Pink: #EF71E8

  • Red: #F92B2B

  • Dark Gray/Yellow: #1F1F1F

  • Yellow: #FFEC14

  • Army Green: #546746

  • Tan: #C1B66E

  • Dark: #12171F

  • Light: #DBEEFF

Product Font(s):

Stinger Transition Instructions:

  • Transition Type: Time (Milliseconds)

  • Transition Point(s): 800

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