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The following information should help you understand which Visuals By Impulse graphics are used for your Twitch channel. The designs included in this article are Profile Banner, Panels, Offline Screen, and Avatar.

If you stream from your console, and do not use a streaming software/capture card to broadcast your gameplay, this is a great article for how to use VBI graphics that are not used on the broadcast (like an overlay or webcam frame).

After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of how to take the previously mentioned graphics from VBI and add them to your Twitch page and profile, giving you the professional look you deserve.


Setting up channel graphics is easy to do. Head over to your Twitch channel settings --> Profile, and you should see options for changing your Profile Banner and your Profile Picture (Avatar).

You can also follow the directions below to edit your graphics right from your channel's front page.

Setting up your Profile Banner

Step #1: Purchase your graphics from Visuals By Impulse (or get free graphics from our store). Make sure a Profile Banner is included. Complete the purchase, and download the files to your computer. (If you need help with editing, learn more here)

Step #2: Go to your Twitch channel and click on your username, which will drop down your Profile Banner. In the middle of this banner, you'll see a pencil and "Update Profile Banner."

Once you click this, an upload image window will pop up.

*Note- We provide the correct dimensions for the Profile Banner you purchase and will fit without issue.

Once this is done, you'll have your new Profile Banner displayed on your Twitch channel! GG!


Your Twitch channel Panels are a great way to provide information to viewers/potential followers about you, your content, and other pertinent information you want to share. Having professionally designed panels will help grab the attention of these viewers and help them get to know you and your content more.

Step #1: From your Twitch channel main screen, scroll down below the video feed. You should see a tab for editing panels.

Step #2: When you click on this tab, it'll move and reveal a green checkmark, and will change the look of the panel, which is how you'll make the panels interactive by including the panel image, a hyperlink (if applicable) and any text you wish to include.

Having Panels on your Twitch page is a great way to involve chat with the different components that make your channel awesome. Link your YouTube, Twitter, other social media accounts, donation page, and more to get viewers interacting with you. Another great use of your Panels can be for providing information about the communities you are a part of. Helping others interact and grow with the communities you support is a fantastic networking tool.

Step #3: Using the Edit Panel section will also allow you to change the order in which your panels are displayed. Play around with moving the panels above or below other panels to present your information in the manner which you choose.
*Note- to add a new panel to your existing ones, Scroll down to the bottom of all your panels to find a panel box with a Plus (+) sign in the middle.

Step #4: Keep your panels updated as you update or add new information. Staying organized and up-to-date is another professional habit to keep your channel at it's highest quality.


No, not the movie. An Avatar (also known as a Profile Picture) is a small icon used to identify you. It can be a logo, text, or even a picture of your beautiful face that brings tears to mom's eyes.

Step #1: To add or change your avatar, simply go to your Twitch channel and click on the box located next to your username. From here you can upload the image you want for your avatar. That's it! Nice and simple.

Offline Screen

Adding an Offline screen is a good way to leave an impression on viewers who stop by your channel when you are not live. Please keep in mind, if you are hosting another streamer, your Offline screen will not be visible.

Step #1: Go to Twitch channel settings --> Channels & Videos and right underneath you'll see the Channel Design section.

Step #2: Next to Video Player Banner, you can upload your offline screen. This will be displayed when you are not live.

That's it! Adding these graphics to your channel should give you a boost in looking clean and professional. Please feel free to comment or leave questions if you need more help!

Thanks for reading!

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