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Can I Use Visuals By Impulse Graphics on Console?

This article is not an in-depth explanation or tutorial on how to use the different broadcasting software programs but will offer suggestions for adding graphics for console streamers.

If you are only able to stream from your console using the local Twitch/Mixer/YouTube application, unfortunately, you won't be able to include any overlays or designs. However, there are some different options for streaming from your console and thus having the ability to add graphics to your streams.

Capture Cards

By researching and potentially purchasing an internal or capture card for your PC or laptop, you will be able to record gameplay from your console. Capture cards connect to both your computer and the console you play on, then record the gameplay and relay the video through broadcasting software (such as OBS, XSplit, StreamlabsOBS). Many of these software programs are free but do take some time to configure and understand. We have several YouTube videos about how to utilize these programs with our graphics. Check out the Visuals By Impulse tutorial series on YouTube.

Remote Play

If you are unable to purchase or use a capture card, there are ways to broadcast your console gameplay through software programs like PlayStation Remote Play or streaming from Windows 10 if playing on Xbox. With these applications, you can then add the gameplay to OBS or SLOBS then utilize our graphics to give your stream the professional touch you're looking for.

There are a ton of resources online for configuring these options on YouTube, and articles written by different companies for getting the best fit. There is no one single fix or suggestion to give out, as different computer specs will determine what is best for you and your streaming needs or desires.

Other than this, there is, unfortunately, no way to add graphics to the local PS4 or Xbox Twitch streaming app.

It should be noted, however, you are still able to use Visuals By Impulse graphics for your social media headers, panels, and offline screens. In other words, use VBI graphics to make your channel page professional and clean.

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