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If you are using a streaming software (OBS) to broadcast your content to the masses, having an overlay is a strong customization tool to give your streams a unique and professional look.

Ultimately, how you envision an overlay, and what you wish to display on it is up to you. Some streamers keep it simple with a fresh, clean design with just a username on it. Others will take a more involved approach, and add social media tags, Recent Follower, Subscriber, Donation, or Cheer/Tip to include the name of the viewers and community members that support them.

Whatever your choice is, be sure to have Visuals By Impulse complete a custom design or premade design to give your channel the look you've been searching for.

This article will walk you through adding an overlay to your OBS streaming software. For a video tutorial, please check out VBI's YouTube channel for more!

OBS Walkthrough

Step #1: Once you've set up a scene in OBS, you have the option to add different "sources," which are different types of files (images, sounds, audio inputs, etc.) that will add effects or visuals to enhance your broadcast.

In the box labeled "Sources" you can click on the " + " to add a new source.

Clicking on this will bring up a sub-window with multiple options for sources to add.

Click on the "image" source.

As you can see in the screenshot below, I have already added files for images that I've used, or am currently using, in my different Scenes.

Make sure you save your design files you purchase with easy-to-recognize names like "Overlay," or "Social Media Bar," etc.

"Create New" will allow you to add the image you want to add. Select the image file, then click "OK" and make sure the box next to "Make source visible" is checked. Give the image a name that will be saved in OBS.

Click OK.

Step #2: Adjusting the image in OBS Preview.

The overlay image is now on your screen. The red lines surrounding the image are the border of the image, and if desired, you can click on one of the red dots to shrink or expand the image to fit how you need it to. Additionally, you can hold ALT and click on the dots to shrink the border around the image even smaller. The lines will now become green (which indicate the border has been altered).

Step #3: Simply resize and re-position the image to the location you desire so your overlay is visible. Click and holding anywhere on the image will allow you to drag it to the desired position.

When looking for designs, or coming up with ideas for a custom one, you'll want to decide how the overlay fits your broadcast and the content you create, so keep in mind, some designs will look very different from others.

You now have your Overlay added to the broadcast screen. Simply repeat the above directions for additional overlays.

Webcam Overlays

It should be noted that this tutorial also applies to the Webcam Overlay (or frame). Click here for our YouTube video tutorial on adding webcam overlays.

Make sure you connect with us on Discord, Email, or Twitter with any questions you have!

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