Adding Mixer Panels
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Mixer panels are certainly more complicated than Twitch panels but they also offer a larger amount of freedom in what they can offer in terms of unique design and how they display information.



Having the added bonuses of Mixer panels isn’t without its troubles either, like adding them on to your Mixer channel.

So grab a seat, crisscross applesauce and let see how it’s done.

Mixer uses web hosted images to display your panels. So you’ll need to upload your images to a service like Imgur or Discord. Larger images are better so they keep the clarity of the image when they are sized down.

Under your Manage Channel tab, you’ll have a section called “Channel Description”. This is where you’re going to add all of your panels. Once you’ve opened the edit screen, on your toolbar look for this button:

This is where you need your image URL I mentioned earlier. Open the menu with the button above and enter your URL here:


From this menu, you can add a URL to link your image with and adjust the size of your image to whatever ratio you like. Play around with the sizing and alignment to figure out how you want your panels arranged.

When you are done you have to remember to hit SAVE or you’ll have to do everything all over again.

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