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Streaming is a personal thing- for both the broadcaster and the viewer. I know when I follow, sub, or otherwise support the streamer I'm watching, I want to be recognized for my efforts. A simple recognition through an alert is a great way to be noticed and recognized.

This article will explain how to set up Alerts in Streamlabs, and then add them to OBS. Adding alerts to SLOBS will be covered later in the article, as there are some slight differences.

If you haven't set up your Streamlabs settings for alerts, donations, widgets, etc. head over to their website and get cracking!

Head down to your Alerts tab under Widgets.

In this section, you have the ability and options to customize your alerts. More information about customization can be found in this article.

You'll have several options to work with here, as you do have the ability to customize settings for each of the alerts.

Once you have adjusted your settings and are ready to add the alert to your streaming software, save your work, and scroll up to the top. You'll want to add the URL created (seen below) as a Browser Source in the OBS Source box.

Adding to OBS

After setting up the alerts in Streamlabs, you'll want to add the URL as a Browser Source in OBS. Click on the + sign under Sources to bring up the menu, and select Browser.

A small window will pop up and give you the option to create new, or add a pre-existing one. Name your new source and click OK.

You'll see a new source added to the preview screen, but notice that the URL is already set for OBS. Simply delete this URL and copypaste the Alert URL from Streamlabs into this spot.

The OBS blue screen will disappear and the spot will be empty. This is because the alert will only be seen when activated, and will last as long as you set the settings for in Streamlabs (for example- someone follows, streamlabs will recognize this, then the alert will appear on the screen for X amount of seconds).

Adjust the placement and size, and you're all set.

StreamlabsOBS (SLOBS)

Open StreamlabsOBS and head to the Editor Panel. In the Sources section, click on the + to add a new source. This screen will pop up

Click on the Alert Box under Widgets. Name the source, then you can select which alert you want to add, and also click on the Configure Settings bar to adjust the settings as described at the beginning of the article


The Widget Type drop-down menu is where you'll select the Alert you want to add. Then adjust size and placement, and you're all set.

Thanks for reading! Happy streaming!

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