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Be sure to check out Visual by Impulse's newest animation transition on your YouTube channel. Watch the other short videos to see the other transitions we've done.

Adding Stinger Transitions

Scene transitions (called Stingers) add a professional look to your streams and provide your viewers with an added spice to your content.

You can add a single transition that will show between all of your scene changes, have a transition only show during certain scene changes, or you can have multiple different stingers designated for specific scenes.​

​Before we get into how to add transitions, here are some terms that will be used:

  • Video File: The location of your transition file (dependent on where you save it on your device).

  • Transition Point Type: The metric type of when your scene changes behind the Stinger (such as time and frames)

  • Transition Point: The measured point of when your scene will change behind the Stinger. Time- This will always be in milliseconds. 1000 milliseconds is 1 second. Frames- This is NOT your FPS. This is how many frames of the scene will play before it changes.

  • Audio Monitoring: we recommend either “Monitor Off” or “Monitor and Output”.

  • Audio Fade Style: we recommend “Crossfade”

Adding Stingers

​Adding a Stinger is fairly easy and straightforward and the same process will work with both OBS Studio or StreamLabs OBS.

In the dashboard (bottom of the software) there's a section titled Scene Transitions. This where you’ll add and select your stream transitions.

1.) Find the " + ", select Stinger and name your transition.
2.) Then browse your files and select your Stinger file.
3.) Set your Transition Type and Point

Now you’re ready to add that next level of professionalism to your channel! to change any of the settings, click on the cog and select Properties.

Each transition will require different settings depending on the length of the transition itself, which may impact the scene you're transitioning to appear too soon or too late. Make sure you adjust the time and frames until your transition and following scenes appear how you want.


Adding varying transitions to different scenes will also take your channel to the next level. You can designate specific scenes to use designated Stingers without you needing to manually change your Stream Transition before every scene change.

“Harry, you're a wizard."
No. We're just streamers who know what we're doing. And now, you are too.

1.) Pick a scene and right-click it.
2.) Select Transition Override in the drop-down menu.
3.) You can now add a cut, fade, or stinger transition to different scenes.

Any scenes that do not have a designated Transition Override will default to whatever option you have selected in the Scene Transitions section.

That's it! Happy streaming!

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