Beyond Esports Stream Package


You'll need...

To edit this package, you will need the following:

  • Font: Orbitron & Rajdhani

  • Design software: Photoshop (we highly recommend Photoshop since GIMP does not handle layer styles by default)


Photoshop edit walkthrough

No need to be a Photoshop expert! We'll walk you through the simple steps below.

  1. When you download the package for the first time, it looks like this. The file type included in your download is a .zip. Use a native file extraction tool or supported software found online to open/view this file. In this example, we're using WinRAR which can be downloaded for free on their website.

  2. Next, right click > Extract here.

  3. Once the files are extracted, your file structure should look like this.

  4. Next, head to the Static folder then the “PSDs” folder. From here, you'll see all editable Photoshop files that are available for your design.

  5. Start by opening up all of the PSD files you wish to edit including the contents.PSB file. Once opened head over to the tab at the top labeled "contents.psb". Here you will be able to edit your username and social media.

  6. To edit your username double click the "T" next to the username text layer and type in your username.

    NOTE: If you received an error message regarding missing font, close the files and install the font listed from the beginning of this guide.

  7. To edit your social media you will once again want to double click the "T" in the social media layer and place your username in the layer.

    NOTE: If you received an error message regarding missing font, you'll need to close the files and install the font listed from the beginning of this guide.

  8. Once you have added your usernames select the layer or folder press CTRL + T or CMD + T to transform/move them into an aligned position by holding shift & dragging the selected area with your mouse.

  9. Once you are done editing, head up to the top left and select:

    File > Save

    Alternatively, you can press CTRL + S or CMD + S on Mac.

  10. Now that you have edited the PSB file you can start heading over to the other PSD files at the top and your username and social media will be changed. Save out the designs by simply heading up to:

    File > Export > Quick Export as PNG

  11. If you are looking to add social media to your animated screens, head over to the "screens.psd " file and turn off the following folders (screenshot above) and do the following:

    File > Export > Export as PNG

  12. For the remaining PSD files you will want to also select:

    File > Export > Quick Export as PNG

  13. Turn off the following layers & save out the remaining designs by:

    File > Export > Quick Export as PNG - as shown in the gif above.

Nice! You're a Photoshop wizard.

At this point, your stream design package should be edited and ready for primetime! If you're looking for help with setting up your fresh new designs, check out our YouTube video tutorials or our support center packed with helpful articles for stream design setup and more. Need further help? Email us or use our live chat on during business hours. (M-F 9 AM - 5 PM PST)